Some of the Easiest (and Fun!) Electives

Picking your perfect class schedule needs a lot of consideration and planning. Of course, there are your required courses for your major and prereqs, but what about electives? These are the perfect opportunity to take a break and explore some subjects or skills outside your major. These elective courses are top on our list for how easy and fun they can be!


Group Guitar or Piano

Who doesn’t want to learn a new instrument? How about doing it with your BFF by your side? Group music classes are an awesome way to unwind and pick up a fun skill you can show off at the end of the semester.


World Music

Speaking of music, there is a ton of music electives you could pick from, but none are more fun than world music courses. You’ll love hearing and experiencing different sounds, instruments, and folk music from different cultures.


Improv or Acting

Skip Public Speaking and take an acting course instead. It’ll help you get over any fear you may have for presentations and teach you a lot about your body, mind, and emotions.


Psychology 101

If this course isn’t already required of you, sign up now! It’s perfect for understanding how other people think and act, and we promise you’ll use what you learn in your workplace.


Physical Education

Most schools require some physical education courses, so there’s a ton to choose from that falls in this category. Check out sports like yoga, meditation, horseback riding, archery, and rowing.




Creative Writing

We all secretly dream of telling our story, so why not get a head start from a professional? Creative writing is the elective to take if you love blogging, journaling, or storytelling.


Personal Finance

Hey, it may not be the most interesting elective, but it will be used in your future, especially if you have student loans to pay back.


Film Studies

Grab the popcorn! Film studies may sound like you’ll be trapped in a movie theater, but in reality, you’ll watch movies critically and learn how your favorite shows are made.


IT Basics

You don’t have to be a techie to get something out of an IT or computer science-based class. Classes like programming, technology in your field, or computers in sociology can apply to what you want to do with your future and give you a marketable skill to put on your resume.



Anthropology, the study of cultures and societies, is a great, eye-opening class to take when you’re a history buff in the making! You’ll get an understanding of how civilizations are built, destroyed, and rediscovered.



Improve your selfie game with a photography class. You’ll learn about lighting, photo editing, and tricks of the trade. No Instagram filter required.


Intro to Foreign Language

We said easy, right? One semester of a foreign language doesn’t have to be a challenge. Take it as a break class (such as J-Term) and pick up basics for travel like greetings, asking questions, or complimenting a new friend.



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