Dorm Hall Decorating Ideas: Halloween Edition

To quote one of our favorite movies, “This is Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!” Can you tell we’re thrilled it’s finally here? And it’s not just because we love the extra candy and the DIY costume ideas floating around our newsfeeds. We’re also excited to get decorating! From dorm building hallways, shared common spaces, and personal bedrooms, these dorm hall decorating ideas are the perfect mixture of funky and spooky.


The Scary Hands Door

One of our worst nightmares is that movie scene where a hand pops out of nowhere and grabs us from behind. You can give your dorm room door this terrifying treatment by attaching painted hands to your dorm door using removable hooks or tack. Find them at the dollar store, give them a gray or green tint and paint the nails black. If they can hold weight, place apples, candy, spiders, or other creepy and fun things in their hands.


Sassy Pumpkins

You can’t leave a real carved pumpkin sitting outside your dorm door (unless your roommates are totally cool with bugs or rotting vegetables), but you can make your custom pumpkin look. Purchase plastic pumpkins from craft stores and spray paint them white or black. Then, use stick-on letters to write funny or sarcastic phrases. Spray paint again and then peel the letters off for an awesome pumpkin that’s totally you.


Ghost String Lights

Lighting is essential for the right Halloween theme. If your lights allow, add a bit of a fun twist by using lightweight, white fabric to tie around the top of the light for the head and let the rest hang down for the body. Add eyes with permanent markers and you’ve got ghost string lights that are totally adorable!


Harry Potter Candles

Speaking of lighting, if you’re a big fan of the Harry Potter series, you may be like us and totally jealous of Hogwart’s floating candles. But you don’t need magic to pull this Halloween decoration off. What you do need are tons of electronic candles and toilet rolls decorated to look like candles (with the e-lights turned on inside). String clear fishing wire or twine through the roll and make small punches into the side and hang from your dorm hall ceiling. Add witches hats, brooms, bats, and wands if you want less of a Harry Potter look.


The Custom Silhouette

Shadows in the dark can be just as terrifying as what’s making them. But with the lights on in your shared hallway, you need to add a bit of creative fright. Have your roommates or dorm mates model for their own silhouette. Have them pose in capes or costumes while you trace around their body. Then, paint black and stick to the walls outside their doors. It’s a simple DIY that gets everyone involved and shows off their Halloween spirit.


Framed Haunted Relatives

Picture frames are essential for all dorm rooms, so why not get them into the Halloween action? Purchase ornate frames from vintage shops or crafting stores and spray paint them black. Add fake dust or cobwebs, and then add in creepy vintage photos. Our suggestion: Google “Vintage Halloween Pictures” for some absolutely crazy and real old-timey Halloween costumes that will keep your guests talking long after their visit is through.

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