5 Unconventional Homesickness Remedies

Being away from your parents and home can be tough. At some point, everyone will go through that phase. If you’ve tried all the usual ways to cure your blues, have no fear! We’ve got five unconventional homesickness remedies that will have you back to yourself in no time.


1.    Book a Ticket Home

Surprise! One of the best ways to cure your homesickness is to actually plan a trip home. First, planning a trip will occupy your mind, and research has shown you’re at your peak happiness point when you’re planning travel than when you actually are on your trip!

Secondly, planning a visit back home will give you a date to anticipate. It’s like circling a date on the calendar and counting down days. You know it’s coming so it’s more set in stone. And having a ticket makes it final. You know you’ll come home on a specific date, so there is less to fret over and more to anticipate.


2.    Send a Care Package Home

If you’re a little sad about missing a holiday or a birthday, just imagine how your parents must feel not seeing you every day! Cheer them (and yourself) up with a little surprise love. By sending a care package, you’ll get the opportunity to totally change your perspective and mood.

Here’s how to do it. Find items around your campus. Take and print out pictures of you at your favorite spots. Go old school and send them a graded paper you worked on so they can hang it on their fridge. Parents love that stuff, and you’ll be sending them a piece of your new home all-in-one package.


3.    Cut Off Communication (Temporarily)

This one’s the hardest one of all. Your heart probably wants yet another Skype call with your mom or FaceTime session with your sister. But mentally, setting some strict limits on calls and video chats can really help you get over your homesickness.

It only has to be temporary. You don’t need to do it for weeks at a time (nor should you). But limiting calls to once or twice a week instead of every night sets boundaries between you and them. It also helps you lessen your dependency on home to make you feel better in your new environment.


4.    Act Like a Tourist

Even though you’re a few weeks into the school year, you can still consider yourself the new person. Take a weekend and some friends and go exploring. Get recommendations for the best ice cream shop, take a hike on a trail, or see a movie at a vintage theater. If you’re in the city, learn how to use public transportation.

Acting like a tourist can get you exploring. You’ll find a new pizza place to call your favorite. You’ll figure out how to get around your town. And you’ll feel more confident when you’re less of a tourist and more of a permanent resident.


5.    Start a Routine and Keep It

College is your chance to be who you want to be and to change who you were back home. And it all starts with a solid routine. Maybe you want to be more athletic. Set the alarm and get up early for a jog. If you want to read more, head to the library every day for some quiet time. If you want to look a certain way, practice makes perfect.

The point is that routines matter and they can help you settle into a new place faster. The more you devote yourself to the daily transformation, the easier it will be to look back and not dwell on what you’re missing. While homesickness can be a bummer, you can get by.

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